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Get a real-time decision with no interest, no fees, and no impact to your credit score.



Get a real-time decision with no interest, no fees, and no impact to your credit score.


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I can’t recommend ProLon enough

I discovered ProLon last January and I have been doing it consistently ever since then. It is a really great reset for your body, especially after holidays. It has so many different benefits, it curbs sugar cravings and helps me manage portion control.


It just works for me...

Not only can I stick to ProLon when I can’t stick to other diets, it helps jumpstart into whatever diet that I am planning to do after. Prolon motivates me... it just works for me.


I loved it... my wife loved it!

I think this program is actually a perfect example of practicing self-discipline. Anyone that wants to get batter in that aspect of their lives, while improving overall physical health, I think ProLon is a great opportunity to do just that.


No more belly bloat...

How are you going to feel after 5 days... Amazing! No belly bloat, you are going to lose weight, have more energy, and all your cravings for sugar... GONE! You have to give this a try.


You may not realize it but you’re already fasting.

Every night when you go to sleep, your body goes into a fasting state. The human body was designed to fast but modern life intervened. Tap into your natural instincts with ProLon.

ProLon 5-Day Benefits

Just 5 days of ProLon has been clinically shown to provide

Cellular Clean-up

ProLon supports the body’s natural process of cellular clean-up, triggered when it’s in a prolonged fasting state.

Fat Focused Weight Loss

Kickstart weight loss (on average 5 pounds), especially belly fat, while protecting lean body mass.

Enhance Clarity

Customers report feeling greater focus and clarity toward the end and after completing the fast.

More Energy

The majority of ProLon users surveyed said they had more energy after completing the fast.

The ProLon 5-day Journey

Day 1

Transitioning To Fasting State

Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


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نظام برولون لإنقاص الوزن والديتوكس خلال 5 أيام

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4.7 out of 5 stars

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