Meet Some Of Our Loyal ProLoners

ProLon® was founded on the passion for figuring out the secrets of healthy longevity. It is our purpose to share the benefits you can achieve through the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet. Hear from some of our most loyal ProLoners.

Fifty Year Old Female

So, easy

Sep 27, 2021

So easy, So great.
I have completed it and feel tones of energy Planning to do it once a month.

Kemberly McElvain

Definitely recommend

6 days ago

I was skeptical, but hopeful about Prolon FMD. It was a success-meals were lasty, filled me up, and kept me nourished. It helped me realize that being a little hungry between meals is ok, and that I need a lot less to fill myself up. I lost 5 pounds during the 5 days.

One and Done

Second Round!

Sep 28, 2021

This was my socond lime using the Prolon system. Greal way to experience and to learn about the benefits of a fasting diet I lost about 6 pounds this round, I now use an intermittent ealing schedule as well as a 24 fast once a week. Prolon helped me master my appetite. *

Danielle Barr

Amazing product!

5 days ago

Amazing product! Was very easy to lolow and slick toll I feel amazing!

Tina Robertson

I absolutely loved this program

3 days ago

I absolutely loved this program. I was so busy and never had a chance to talk to a coach but the program was written so well that / was able to follow the protocol easily. I liked the daily email coaching me along so I stayed on track. I feel amazing. I can't wait to do it again. So, basically I'm a fan!!!


I found the Prolon Fast to bo a success!

4 days ago

I found the Prolon Fast to bo exactly as described in the daily tips I recived which helped me to stick with the program. The food was tasty and just enough to keep hunger at bay. After the 2nd day I wasn't hungry. Even on the 6th day I wasn't hungry and was able to put off eating until 4pm. I lost far more than I expected in the 5 day period ...7 5 Ibsl'| was clear headed and felt amazing after day 311! *

Dawn H.

Very easy!

3 days ago

Very easy not hungry during whole 5 days I lost about 10lbs and feel belter. The daily meals were flavorful and easy to prepare with my busy schedule, I took the opportunity while on Proton to get plenty of rest too. Overall very satisfied and will do it again when a reset is needed. Thank you.*

Catryn Farnsworth

Highly recommend

Sep 26, 2021

I was introduced to prolon from my doctor last year when | said I need to do have a fresh start with my diet. Since then, | have done the fast six times- during a pandemo no less. I have lost weight that stays off, any time | start feeling like I'm craving foods that aren't good for me by do another fast and my cravings are gono. I genera ly lake the time when I'm tasting to do some sell-care so t's a nice reset. The program is very easy to follow, you can get free coaching which I've done twice to answer questions that I had, and there's a Great Community online called Fastination on Facebook I'm super grateful that I found prolon!

Danise Estefano

I am a busy oncology nurse

12 hours ago

I am a busy oncology nurse. I want to be a living proof of Dr. Longo's theory ProLon that is an effective way to maintain my health in check.


I can't say enough about this program

2 days ago

I can't say enough about this program. I was just what I needed lo "reset" my diet. I feel mentally and physically refreshed.

*Results not typical. Average weight loss in clinical trials was 5 pounds in 5 days.